Barracuda Medium 1Kg

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Barracudas are mostly found in tropical and subtropical seas. The flesh of a Barracuda is light in color, and light medium in taste, with a quite pleasant flavor. There is a very dark strip down the centerline just under the skin. It has a considerably darker flavor but is not unpleasant. Barracuda should be kept well chilled at all times and eaten as soon as possible as the flavor can become strong otherwise.

Skinned fillets can be cooked by just about any suitable method. The flesh stays quite firm in wet cooking, even with extended simmering, so this is a very good fish for soups and stews.

Also known as Seelavu, Cheela/Seela/ Vanjiram, Jellow, Obantol, Ghalse, Badvi, Al Gidd, Agam.

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